INSTÄLLT EVENEMANG: Vincent Neil Emerson


augusti 5th, 2022


Tyvärr tvingas Vincent Neil Emerson ställa in sin kommande Europa-turné på grund av hälsoskäl, vilket innebär att spelningen på Biljardkompaniet den 24 augusti ställs in.

Vi ger er möjligheten att behålla era biljetter, och istället gå på konserten med Sarah Shook & The Disarmers, den 20 augusti på Biljardkompaniet.
Vill ni istället få era biljetter återköpta så kontaktar ni Ticksters support. Återköp medges t.om. 2022-10-05.

Så här skriver Vincen Neil Emerson:
”Well it breaks my heart to announce this, but I have to cancel my upcoming European tour. I’ve been dealing with some health issues lately, and I need to take time off from tour to focus on getting back to 100 percent.
Traveling by plane for extensive periods of time isn’t an option for me at the moment. My crew and I have been hitting the road here in the states pretty hard this year, and I’m feeling the effects of all the long drives we made.
I had a Pulmonary embolism and was hospitalized towards the end of 2020, and unfortunately I’m still dealing with complications from that.
I hate cancelling shows, but this is the best option for me at the moment. I’m hoping we get to book more European dates, and I hope we see all of you there. Thank you for the support, and understanding.

– VNE”

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